My name is Nichole, and I am the principal of Orr Legal.

Looking for a lawyer

If you are trying to decide on how to choose a lawyer whether or not Orr Legal is for you I would like to introduce myself. I would like you to know who you are talking to when you give Orr Legal a call. Also to explain why you should call Orr Legal.


Legal Services We Help With

Whether you are involved in a driving matter or a criminal matter, or you’re buying or selling property, I can help. Orr Legal can help with your legal questions and your legal queries.

My Background

You will see on my bio that I used to be a schoolteacher. I taught in a lot of schools in the Newcastle area and the Hunter Valley. I became a solicitor and had been practicing for quite some time, and then made the decision to go into private practice. The reason I wanted to be in private practice was because I wanted to practice my way. So you will find Orr legal to be not your normal law firm.


The Advantage of Orr Legal

Why would you call us when there are so many great lawyers in the Newcastle area?  I am very proud to be part of a legal community that makes up Newcastle. I think the most important thing you need to know about Orr Legal is that I am a local.  I have raised my family in Newcastle and I know the community


Available When You Need Me

When a person is in a situation where they need to speak to a lawyer it can be a very stressful time. With Orr Legal they know that  they can actually access their lawyer when they need them. You can see on my website that there’s a mobile number and that is my mobile number. This means you have direct access to me when you need me. If you need to call a lawyer, if you’ve had the police contact you. If there’s a situation that has arisen and you just don’t know what you should do next, you can call me directly.

I make myself available so don’t hesitate! You won’t lose anything by picking up the phone and calling.  If anything you’re going to gain a lot of knowledge and some information to help you make some sound decisions.


Direct Lawyer Contact

I encourage you now to give me a call! My name is Nichole and I’m the principal of Orr Legal.  I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to be able to help you and answer any questions you might have about your legal situation.


I hope to hear from you real soon