An Overview of High-Range DUI in New South Wales

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offence that carries significant penalties in New South Wales. In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of high-range DUI and explain its associated consequences.   What is High-Range DUI? High-range DUI applies when drivers have an alcohol concentration of 0.15 or more in their blood or [...]

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Charged with Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that has devastating consequences for those affected. Domestic violence is a criminal offence, that can result in charges being laid against the accused. It is imperative to get legal help as soon as possible when facing a domestic violence-related charge or charges. Have you or someone you know been [...]

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High Range Drink Driving in NSW: The Facts

In NSW, if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.05 but less than 0.08 you will be given an "Exceed Prescribed Concentration" offence and fined $1,100. If your BAC is more than 0.08 you will be charged with "Driving under the influence" which can carry a penalty of [...]

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