Deceased Estates and Will Mediation

Mediation is voluntary process used as an alternative to going to court.

Conflict is a part of life and is a normal aspect of any relationship. Families are no exception. When there is a death in the family emotions can run high and conflict can present itself in relation to the deceased estate.

Maitland Mediation offers an exclusive mediation service catering to the Hunter.

When a dispute arises from a deceased estate, mediation should be the first step in resolving the dispute. Whether you are an entitled beneficiary, or the executor or administrator of the estate Maitland Mediation can assist in providing a viable, cost effective and professional mediation service.

Maitland Mediation can also offer mediation in the event parties have already commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court.

What is the role of a mediator?

In a deceased estate mediation, each side is represented by their own lawyer, and the Mediator acts as a neutral, third party.

Being a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Nichole Orr has not only obtained the status of Mediator, with 15+ years working as a mediator.

Nichole’s role is to assist parties in negotiating a settlement.

Advantages of Mediation

The aim of the Mediation is assisting the parties in reaching an agreement. One of the main advantages of mediation is the parties can resolve the dispute without the interference of the court.

Mediation saves money and time and can be legally binding.

A Mediation provides a fair and cheaper solution:

  • Your case does not sit in a court list.
  • Mediation can be held as soon as the parties and the Mediator can agree on a time and place.
  • Maitland Mediation offers fixed fees.
  • You can avoid many on-going lawyer’s fees, court filing fees, and all of the costs of a drawn-out case going through the courts.
  • Mediation is confidential.


And most importantly, with Mediation, the parties have control of the way the dispute is settled.

It is you and the other party who makes the decision as to whether to settle at the Mediation and the terms of settlement.


Mediations can avoid court proceedings

Many Mediations are held before any legal proceedings are commenced, and if they are successful in reaching a solution, can be seen as an alternative to court action.

If a Mediation fails to achieve a solution the parties can still take the matter to court for judicial determination.

In addition, mediations are increasingly held during court proceedings in an attempt to settle the case without the matter going to hearing.

How to get started with your deceased estate mediation:

  1. Contact Maitland Mediation
  2. We will send you an offer
  3. You accept our offer via a joint letter with the other party
  4. We schedule mediation
  5. We Mediate

We generate positive results for our clients

Nichole is an outstanding deceased estate dispute mediator. When my family found itself entangled in a complex estate dispute, Nichole’s expertise and compassionate approach were a true lifeline. She navigated the intricate legal aspects of the case with finesse, fostering open communication among family members. Nichole’s ability to mediate sensitively and find common ground allowed us to resolve the dispute amicably. I highly recommend Nichole for her professionalism and dedication to achieving fair and equitable outcomes in deceased estate matters.

Dealing with a deceased estate dispute can be emotionally charged and legally complex, but Nichole handled our case with exceptional skill and empathy. Her in-depth understanding of estate laws and mediation techniques was evident throughout the process. Nichole provided a calm and supportive environment, encouraging constructive dialogue among the involved parties. Thanks to her guidance, we were able to reach a resolution that honored the wishes of our loved one and maintained family relationships.

Nichole is a highly skilled deceased estate dispute mediator who made a significant impact on our family’s case. Her thorough knowledge of estate law and dedication to fairness were apparent from the start. Nichole facilitated transparent communication, ensuring that all parties had a voice in the resolution process. With her guidance, we were able to overcome disagreements and find a mutually agreeable solution. Nichole’s professionalism and commitment to achieving a positive outcome in our deceased estate dispute were truly commendable.