My name is Nichole the Principal of Orr Legal. I am writing this about something that is very important that every single person should have. A LEGAL WILL!


People Do Not Like To Talk About Wills

I know that people don’t like talking about what happens when they die but it’s an important conversation to have. Some people feel that having a will means they have to face their own mortality and in a way that is true.


Talking Wills

It’s something that I feel very passionate about. It’s something that I think every single person needs to hear about. This is why when I go to family events and barbecues it is something I try to inform people about. My family and friends are tired of me to me telling them that having a will is important.


Why Have A Will?

The importance of a will allows not only your family know what your final wishes are but also the government. Having a will is also important for your family one in place to go to with no confusion as to what your intentions and wishes are to take place when you have passed away.

I know that in my job I have lot of people come and see me after a loved one has passes and they don’t know what to do. The first step is to look a their will to see what exactly what they would like to happen. That is why you need to help your loved ones and to take away any type of confusion or uncertainty that can happen when you passes away.


Orr Legal Wills

Wills are so important at Orr legal. I believe that there is no excuse so please, if you don’t have a will in place, or it’s been a very long time since you’ve done your will, I encourage you to call me so we can make sure that everything is the way you would like it to be in the event you pass away. Visit our Estate Planning page to learn more.